Sugaring is the sweetest and most natural form of hair removal available; made of sugar, water and lemon.

Sugaring  is an ancient form of hair removal that's making a comeback.  Gentler than traditional resin wax, sugar is able to extract very short hair (about 10 days of growth opposed to 3-4 weeks) and is perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin, is prone to ingrown hairs, or wants a 100% natural alternative to wax!

Brow Design $20

Lip  $12

Chin $12

Cheeks  $12

Sideburns   $12

Full Face (no brows)  $35

Full Face + Brow Design $50

Half Arms  $30

Full Arms  $45

Half Legs  $45

Full Legs $65

Underarms  $23

Classic Bikini $30

*Traditional wax also available